Who We Are

This brand (Nizam Pakku in Tamil) is ever profoundly popular in the market covering a wide network and a buzz word among the customers not in the entire Tamil Nadu but in all other southern states of India as well. 

The concept of manufacturing this brand of betelnut was first conceived with a long range vision by Mr. A.R. Safiullah of Pudukkottai in state of Tamil Nadu in India about 30years ago who took pains to market this brand to suit the special need, taste and flavor of the consumers and chalked out well designed planning execution to spread its wings in every nook and corner of Tamil Nadu and later to influence its sales in other southern states in India. Today this brand is a much sought after in the market and a buzz word among the lakhs of consumers.

S. A. Safiullah & Co., the major player in the betelnut field having more than one lakh outlets. Our sales always stay on the top slot. We ever maintain market and consumer friendly and so, our consumers consider our product as numero uno. It is our constant consideration that NIZAM BETELNUT should peep and penetrate into so far untapped horizon especially in viable parts of the globe as our product is savvy with suitable ingredients.